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AIREP Acceditation

Los Hildickos has demontrated that it meets the requirements for “AIREP approved” accreditation. Agents that qualify for this level of accreditation have shown that they are:

That they meet the legal requirements to trade in the country in which they operate and where they offer property for sale.

That they are not in liquidation, voluntary administration or bankrupt, and that they are a going concern.

That they have no unresolved industry related incidences with social security, the tax man, the local administration, the autonomic administration or very importantly with the judicial system.

That they have commited to follow our strict moral and ethical code of conduct.

That a professional has undergone an in depth review or assessment shows that they have nothing to hide and are 100% transparent.

What is AIREP? 
AIREP is an entirely independent enterprise that assesses international real estate professionals and awards accreditation where it proceeds. Amongst others AIREP accreditation involves checks that show that the accredited agent has been found to meet the legal requirements to trade in the country where they operate, that they have no industry civil or legal procedures pending against them, that they are not bankrupt, that they are free of incidences with local authorities and that they have not filed for administration.

Above all, AIREP is dedicated to bringing standardization and transparency to what is sometimes a very murky and opaque international real estate industry. 
These days, the press and more so the internet, are full of people and companies selling real estate or real estate related products overseas, but which of them are actually qualified or even legally allowed to do so? Many belong to associations or federations of one type or another, but which of these bodies have any real authority or legitimacy in the country in which the person or company operates, or where the consumer wishes to acquire real estate? 
AIREP accreditation is designed, to enable real professionals that meet the legal requirements to trade and who have legitimate qualifications, to be able to demonstrate this to the consumer and for the consumer to better understand the legality and capacity of the persons or companies offering their products and services.
What AIREP isn't: 
AIREP is not a club, association, federation or other self governed body of real estate agents. Nor is it a company pretending to be a club, association, federation or other self governed body of real estate agents (surprisingly these do exist).

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